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5 Internet Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

A Forrester Report says the global digital marketing industry will reach $146 billion in 2023. That only means brands are investing more in their digital marketing solutions. If your campaigns fall short, though, here are some mistakes you might be making. Find out so you can fix those mistakes and boost your brand growth.

Not Having a Strategy

Are your online campaigns related? Is there an arc or overarching strategy that underlies your campaigns? If you don’t have a strategy, you’re losing out. Don’t waste your opportunity. Adjust your campaigns to achieve the best results.

Not Hiring Pros

SEO is a full-time job. If your team is only doing the barest minimum, that could be why your traffic isn’t growing. Hire pros instead of letting your team pitch in and post blog posts or update content. Get experts in internet marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area to take care of your campaigns.

Neglecting Automation

Find a way to automate repetitive tasks. That will save you time, energy, and costs. If you want a more efficient team, look for automation tools and management solutions. That should streamline your processes and help your team.

Just Publishing Content

It’s not enough to publish content. These days, companies publish a lot of content online. How do you expect to compete with all of them? One way to outperform other businesses marketing to the same people you are or selling the same products or services you do, is to promote your content. After a post goes live, let people know. That will help attract more attention to your posts and increase your site traffic.

Not Testing Anything

Don’t blindly run an ad without testing it. Test multiple versions and determine which ones elicit the best response in your audience. Testing is time-consuming, but it can guarantee success once you launch a campaign. If you’re making any of these mistakes, start fixing those problems today.

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