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Advantages and Options of Outdoor Signs in Oklahoma

Digital Billboards In Oklahoma are a good method of advertising because it can reach people as they move from one place to another. If a company is contemplating using outdoor signage for an ad campaign, there are numerous options to consider. Below are some advantages of outdoor advertising, as well as a list of some different outdoor signage types.

Why Businesses Should Choose Outdoor Signage

*They play to a captive audience: Various statistics show that the average adult spends hours per day watching TV, but commercials are sometimes ignored. However, a traveling audience is held captive, and billboards can reach thousands of people.

*Longer commutes: According to the Census Bureau, Americans are facing ever-longer commutes. For the five-year period that ended in 2008, commutes became 3% longer.

*More vehicles on the road: 91% of Americans have access to a car for work and other purposes, and almost 60% have access to multiple vehicles.

Outdoor Sign Options

*Billboards: While some areas have imposed moratoriums on new billboards, they are still the #1 type of outdoor signage, according to experts. Businesses spent nearly $6 billion on outdoor ads in 2009, with half of that being spent on billboards.

*Transit ads: This category includes ads on the sides of buses and taxicabs, as well as signage on the walls at railway and subway stations. Millions across the country use public transit every day, and these ads can grab the attention of many commuters at the same time.

*Furniture for public use: This category of signage includes ads on school bus shelters or city bus stops. When considered along with transit ads, these categories comprise 30% of all outdoor ads.

*Alternative ads: These are relatively new, and they only make up a small percentage of outdoor signs. They can include TV monitors that intersperse current news with local weather reports and advertisements, and they are commonly found near the pumps at gas stations.

Digital Billboards In Oklahoma are an effective way for businesses to market their products and services, and there are many options for advertisers to consider. By learning about their choices, business owners can visit Sunset Signs & Printing and choose the right type of outdoor signage for their needs.

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