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Does Your Business Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

Millions of small to mid-sized businesses around the world rely on the internet to connect with their customers, sell their goods and services, and automate their business practices.

Most businesses start with a shared hosting service. This allows the hosting company to sell the same physical server to multiple tenants who share the server resources. The core infrastructure of the server is maintained by the hosting company, which limits the ability of any tenant on the server to add or modify programs.

As a business grows, performance issues, peak use slowdowns, and the inability to customize security and operational aspects of the server become a liability. In these cases, moving to dedicated server hosting, where your business is the only tenant on the server, provides the ideal solution to the problem.

Managed or Unmanaged Hosting

Most businesses choose a managed dedicated server hosting provider. This means the hosting company maintains and manages the physical aspects of the server. As these providers maintain the data centers and use advanced state-of-the-art monitoring systems and redundancies, downtime is virtually eliminated.

Location Issues

As businesses grow, they may expand their market to international locations. Working with a company offering dedicated server hosting and data centers around the world creates an added benefit. The dedicated server can be located near your customers and within the same network, providing the best quality data delivery without lags and delays seen with data going through multiple international exchanges.

Any business with future growth plans should consider the move to dedicated servers as part of the process. This ensures the technology for the company is in place and scalable to match the physical growth. Visit for more information!