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Make Sure Your Web Design Company Near Michigan is Responsive to Your Platform’s Needs

If you want to make an impression online, it is important to choose a web design company near Michigan that understands how to present your platform and website on different technologies. For example, how your site is shown on a smartphone is a whole different thing than when it is presented on a PC. Each type of electronic must present a site that is conducive to the needs of the user.

Sites Should be Compatible with the Electronics Used to Display Them

For example, when users of smartphones review websites, they have a tendency to scroll down on the page. You have to compare this habit with the tendency of PC users to look over the upper part of a site design for information. Therefore, the way you set up a website for a smartphone is entirely different than when you configure the same site for a PC. Each platform must be responsive and accessible to the reader. You cannot accomplish this feat if your web design company does not ensure that the platform can be read by both smartphone users and PC users on their individual machines.

Create an Engaging Site

Therefore, any web design company must take a hard and close look on how a site is navigated on a variety of technologies, including laptops, PCs, smartphones, and notebooks. The idea of creating a good design is to establish a form that is both functional and engaging. If you can hold the interest of a web visitor with a vibrant and easy-to-read website, then you have pretty much met most of the needs of the website visitor.

Make sure the website is also set up to appeal to various age groups and is easy to navigate. Whether the site is seen on a smartphone or PC, it should be a site that is navigationally-friendly and simple to read and understand. When you do not have these components built into a website design, you need to go back to the drawing board, so to speak, and see where you went wrong.

Today, technology dictates that a site’s design is the primary element in holding a visitor’s interest. If you don’t make the site easy to navigate and read, you may as well kiss some of your customers and money good-bye.

If you want more customer interaction, then you not only should improve the settings on your website, you also have to combine social media with your website’s design. Making sure you appear in the best possible light is not only important to your company but also to the customers who regularly visit your site. Now is the time to align yourself with a web designer who fully understands these technological insights. Let EXTEND GROUP create an effective website for you, that’s mobile-friendly and optimized for your target audience. Visit for more information!