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What Should You Know About a Social Media Marketing Agency in Fort Myers, FL

Are you looking for a social media marketing agency in Fort Myers, FL? This company’s leader owned a cleaning business for seven years. As a result, they uniquely understand the challenges you face, and they are ready to help. This corporation is a fast-growing entity in the digital marketing industry. They provide support for website design, hosting, pay-per-click, and social media.

Web Hosting

This SEO company can provide help with a WordPress website, or you can host one on Shopify. When you are working with them, they will do secure weekly and monthly backups. Furthermore, they will give you a website performance audit and monitor uptime.

Here are some of the other services they give to their customers:

• SSL Certificate

• Domain Privacy

• Automated Backup

• Dedicated IP

• Broken Links Checking

• Content Updates

Local and National SEO

This team’s staff can go through your pages and rank them for keywords. If they are not top performers, then this team can readjust them. As a result, your pages will appear near the top of the results on Google and Bing.


You could show your website on authority domains and not be charged unless there is a result. With PPC ads, you do not pay anything until somebody has clicked on what you are showing. Consequently, there is little downside to using this method.

Social Media Management

This company can manage your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

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