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Building Your Practice With The Latest In Dental Trends

Last year saw a wave of tech trends in the dental industry and in dental offices across the country. Utilizing the latest trends in dentistry from last year and boosting your online presence through social media, online patient surveys and the use of apps will provide any practice with several benefits.

Using the latest trends in dentistry for last year will springboard into the trends for this year. Expect to see more dental offices using these types of technology to make the patient experience easier while also providing the dentist and the office with valuable feedback about services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more than having a social media presence. It is about strategically using social media to market and brand your practice. This includes providing information and relevant content that interests viewers and makes them want to learn more about the dental practice.

Online Surveys For Feedback

Patients leaving the dental office have an opinion about what they experienced. Unfortunately, this opinion is rarely requested and, if the experience was not positive, the patient simply finds a new dentist.

By using online surveys, either on the website or as an email survey to the patient after the appointment, the dental office can get immediate feedback. With a negative rating or comment, staff can call the patient and discuss the issue. Positive feedback may also result in a call or a follow-up thank you email. Both options will build the relationship between the practice and the patient.

Apps For Patient Convenience

One of the latest trends in dentistry is to use an app that allows patients to schedule appointments, change appointments or communicate directly with the office. It is also a way for automatic appointment reminders to be sent to patients in a non-intrusive type of way.

Incorporating technology into patient communication is an important trend in the industry that will continue. While not ideal for all patients in the office, it is a preferred choice by many.