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How to Grow Your Amazon Reviews

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you’re probably well aware of Amazon’s ban on incentivized reviews, put into effect in 2016. While previously sellers could offer discounted or free products in exchange for a review, this practice is no longer allowed. However, there are still many ways to legally boost your reviews, and with customers frequently choosing products with more reviews over less, it pays to take steps to ensure that valuable feedback. Here’s how to increase product reviews on Amazon.

Up Your Customer Service

Customers are more inclined to leave a review if you add a personal touch. A personalized note or insert thanking the customer for their purchase and encouraging them to share their thoughts online is one option. You can also contact your buyers directly via email to follow up and make sure they’re satisfied with their purchase.

Use Amazon Vine

Although sellers are prohibited from providing free products to buyers, this practice isn’t entirely scrapped from Amazon. You can use the Amazon Vine program to provide your products to Amazon, who will then distribute the products free of charge to randomly selected reviewers, or “Vine Voices.” This is a foolproof way to guarantee that any product provided will get you a review.

Use a Follow-Up Service

An automated review service is a legal way to get genuine reviews while still abiding by Amazon’s terms, says Review Formula, who outline how to increase product reviews on Amazon. Your buyers will be asked to leave a rating after they are prompted to register your product. Customers who leave a four or five-star rating will then be prompted to leave a review on Amazon, thus ensuring that you only receive positive reviews.

By following the above tips, you should start to see a change in your number and frequency of reviews. When to comes to a marketplace like Amazon where reviews directly affect your livelihood, every bit of positive feedback counts.