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How to Make the Best Use of Your Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs function in much the same way as any other ad out there: to capture the attention and interest of potential buyers in a matter of seconds. That’s what the right sign can do. Buying your first outdoor sign? Here’s how to draw more of your target market to your business with the right one:

Keep it visible

Your sign must be visible at all times. That’s often why you see big signs. The bigger, the better. That way, tourists walking along the streets in the area will spot yours a mile away. This will work extremely well if your shop, business or restaurant is an area that’s populated by tourists. Run a hotel? You could also use the sign to provide your guests with directions to help them get to your door in record time.

Measure your space

Before you start browsing through outdoor LED signs, measure how much space you have. Don’t go with mere estimates since you could easily get it wrong. It’s better to get the space right down to the last number or digit so you’re certain of how much space your signs can work with, says the Web Restaurant Store.

Advertise all day and night

Lighted signs can easily advertise your business even when your doors close at night. People are going to see that and remember your shop the next time they come by. If the sign intrigues them enough, though, you might just find them walking into your door the next day when you’re open for business.


Keep it short and simple. That doesn’t just apply to online content, it also works for outdoor signs. Keep it simple and short to make it more readable.

Want more customers? Get your sign right. Upgrade to a better outdoor LED display with these tips.