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Need to Drum up More Support From Voters for Your Utah Referendum?

Referendums are additions to voting ballots that assist in gaining support and/or funds for community, municipal, and/or school actions. Without referendums, there would be no means of changing something that may need to be changed. However, a lot of voters may see your referendum on a ballot this year and not know enough about it. As such, they may vote against it instead of for it. If you want to drum up additional support, you should try animated explainer videos. Here are how these videos are made and why they work.

Whiteboard Technology and Gifted Animators

Companies in Salt Lake City, Utah are able to incorporate animation with white board technology for the purpose of creating animated explainer videos for commercial purposes. You supply them with the message and information you want them to put into the videos, and they create unique animated figures and animated screens for your subject matter. In this case, it would be your referendum, what the referendum is, what it’s about or for, and why you want voters to vote for it. A couple of different approaches are taken, sometimes with the animated characters asking questions and a voice over answering those questions and creating info screens, or just animated characters interacting in a conversational way.

Why the Videos Work

These videos are very unique. There is no marketing tool out there like them. They are engaging too, because people want to watch the animation and see where the video leads. If you want to engage and inform your voters successfully, contact business name today.