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Top 4 Steps to Hire the Ideal Virtual Presenter

There are a lot of companies and individuals that promote themselves as the best virtual presenter for a keynote speech, a training session, or as a breakout session speaker at a conference.

Choosing the right professional virtual presenter for an online event is even more important than in-person events. Virtual speakers must have the ability to engage the audience without being in the same room, while still delivering a quality presentation.

To get the best virtual presenter for your event, conference, or in-house training, there are four specific factors to consider:

  • Professional speaker credentials – the best presenters have achieved are credentialed as a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. Some of these individuals have also earned the Certified Virtual Presenter designation from eSpeakers, which signifies they have even more training as it relates to presentations on virtual platforms.
  • Consider objectives – hiring a presenter with the expertise and the ability to deliver on the specific objectives for a training session is critical. Ask them about their background and knowledge of your industry. Get specific about their level of experience so you know you’re getting the right presenter who can deliver the right kind of training.
  • Ask for references – top virtual presenter websites provide information on past clients and past events. This is a great way to see how experienced the presenter is and the types of audiences they have presented to in the past.
  • Work within a budget – different presenters will have different fee ranges for events. While it is important to work within a budget, it is also important to choose the best speaker to provide the greatest impact on your audience.

Start early to find the right presenter for your training. Keep in mind, the top professionals often have a full calendar of events, so early booking is a must.

Keep your team connected, engaged, and motivated during these uncertain and challenging times by hiring a certified virtual presenter such as industry-leader Doug Dvorak.