Why You Should Hire a Virtual Motivational Speaker

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Sales coaching

Are you looking for the best way to motivate your employees to boost morale and productivity? Holding a virtual event can be a valuable solution to provide information without interrupting workflow. As you plan your event, you should hire a Virtual motivational speaker to ensure the best results.

Save Money

A Virtual motivational speaker costs less than hiring someone to speak in person. When a speaker comes to your location, you pay more than just their speaking fee. You also must pay for their lodging, meals, and other expenses. A virtual speaker, however, can present from anywhere with an Internet connection, giving you the benefits of a professional speaker for a reduced rate.


Working with a Virtual motivational speaker gives you more flexibility for your event. You can schedule your event at any time, making it easier to fit the speaker and your employees’ schedules. You can accommodate more attendees than if you were to book a venue with limited capacity. You can enjoy the benefits of motivational speaking and won’t have to choose who to invite.

An Interactive Approach

Another valuable advantage of hiring a Virtual motivational speaker is an interactive approach for your event. In-person conferences don’t allow for much interaction. Your audience sits and listens to the speaker, perhaps taking notes. When attending an event online, your speaker can use polls and other interactive features to keep your audience engaged.

If you’re interested in hiring a virtual motivational speaker for your next event, visit the Doug Dvorak website to schedule a consultation.

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