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4 Major Benefits of Working with a Humorist Speaker

If you want a new way to introduce ideas and information to your team, consider partnering with a humorist speaker at your next seminar or meeting. Here are four great reasons to do so, some of which might surprise you!

Relieve Stress

The office can be a stressful place. Even if you and your entire team get along well, the last few years have been difficult for everyone. Relieving some of that stress would be a welcome addition to the agenda of your next all-hands meeting.

That is exactly what you are doing when you work with a humorous speaker. These professionals are no less able to address important topics or relay valuable information. They just deliver it with the kind of stress-relieving laughter that your team could probably use right now!

Introduce Ideas

Speaking of valuable information, you probably have a lot of it that you would like to pass on to your team. Whether you have new trainees or just want to refresh your current staff on some important facets of what you do as a team, that information needs to be presented in a way that will keep their attention. But traditional lectures can do the opposite.

Share ideas through the lens of comedy and anecdotal storytelling. This way, your employees are more likely to remain attentive and participate in group discussions. Plus, they will undoubtedly enjoy it a lot more!

Encourage Employees

Your team needs a morale boost every once in a while. Give them that by bringing in a hilarious keynote speaker. A professional speaker can entertain while also enlightening and engaging with your team. They will leave feeling encouraged to get back to work and energized to think in new ways.

Improve Training

Lastly, working with a humorist speaker helps to reframe your staff’s way of thinking about training sessions. Now, instead of being bored and disengaged, they will feel enthralled and amused – and will be more likely to retain valuable information and apply it later.

Who knew comedy could have such a big – and positive – impact on your corporate team?

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