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What Is A Hybrid Cloud And How Does It Work?

The cloud is an effective way to store data and to operate software and apps. It utilizes multiple servers that share resources and capacity to provide superior computing power and storage compared to what would be possible with in-house servers or private servers.

Different Cloud Options

The public cloud is what most business owners require. This offers security, flexibility, and all the computing resources and storage your business requires. For companies that want additional security options or specific infrastructure requirements for the cloud, a private cloud with only one tenant is often a good choice.

Between these two options is the hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud provides a private cloud, which can be an in-house server or a bare metal or colo server at a data center, combined with integration with the public cloud.

The Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

The most obvious benefit to the hybrid cloud is the ability to utilize both private and public cloud features. Some data and programs can be used on the public side, allowing easier access for end-users. At the same time, sensitive data can be kept on the private side and shared only as needed through the integration of two platforms.

The hybrid cloud is more cost-effective for most companies as compared to the private cloud solution. At the same time, it is incredibly flexible and easy to scale, ensuring companies have the storage and resources they need for both public and private sides of the cloud.